Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Scenes, Streets, Friends, Books ...

A collection of blogs and photo blogs putting you on the streets of Europe, the United States and the Middle East with Christopher Dickey and friends:

The Shadowland Journal provides updates and footnotes on history, espionage, terrorism, fanaticism, policing and counterinsurgency linked to Dickey's columns for The Daily Beast and his other writings; also, occasional dialogues, diatribes, contributions from friends—and photographs.
The Amazon author page is pretty useful - but all the photographs are book covers ... 

Christopher Dickey (Tumblr) - Most of the Instagram photos are here - but much bigger.

Rues de Paradis
The streets of Paris and of France - These photos go back to 2005!

La Strada
Italy and places Italians love - Ahhhhh, so many visits to Venice and Rome ... and some beautiful early photos by Barbie Latza Nadeau - This too goes back to 2005.

Ibn Battuta
The Middle East and Africa - More occasional ...

American Byways
The Americas - A lot of New York City, some D.C., and also Central America

The Christopher Dickey Channel on YouTube
Mostly history, family and friends

Newsweek and The Daily Beast / Paris and France (no longer updated)

James Dickey: Deep Deliverance (Tumblr)

James Dickey: Deep Deliverance
Notes on the life and work of my father, poet-novelist James Dickey

Lush Places (Tumblr)

Should start updating again soon.

Tom Dickey: Bombs in the Basement
A unique view of Civil War history through the eyes of my uncle, Tom Dickey, who once had the largest private collection of artillery projectiles in America.

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